Red Gurnard

Aspitrigla cuculus


Red gurnards are bottom-dwelling fish to be found on gravelly, sandy, or rocky seabeds around the UK. They feed on smaller fish and crustaceans.

How to identify

Red gurnards have long bodies and a steep forehead with large eyes. Their colouring is a distinctive bright red mottled with pink. They have one fin along the spine, which is used for swimming. A key characteristic is their individual spiny fin rays on each side of the body, which act as 'fingers' in searching for food on the seafloor.

Where to find it

Red gurnards are benthic fishes, which means they live on the seabed. They are widely distributed in UK waters.


When to find it

  • January

How can people help

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Species information

Common name
Red Gurnard
Latin name
Aspitrigla cuculus
Fish and sharks
Length: up to 50cm