People and Wildlife Services

Natural Timber Pergola for Parks Children's CentreNatural Timber Pergola for Parks Children's Centre

PAWS promotes sustainable, local produce and will endeavour to source its materials from within a 50 mile radius from local woodlands managed for wildlife benefits.

People and Wildlife Services (PAWS) is part of
The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country.

PAWS supports local conservation, and helps develop environmental education spaces within school grounds or community areas. PAWS staff members commonly deliver outdoor education to a range of different audiences from within schools and communities.

Construction of outdoor classrooms and wildlife areas is one of the main ways we engage children and the public. The portfolio simply shows an array of different projects that we have already completed, and hopefully they will help to inspire you for the development of your own site. Management of habitats is also a speciality of ours.

Being part of the Wildlife Trust we want all of our projects to be as beneficial to wildlife as possible, thus all of our natural resources are sourced from within a 50 mile radius of Birmingham from woodlands managed for a wildlife benefit.

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