Sandwell Valley Plantations

An insight into the NIA project improve the woodland areas in Sandwell Valley to increase the diversification of wildlife

The objective of this NIA project was to undertake woodland management activities to open up the canopy of selected areas to improve their ecological value.

At the beginning of 2014, 6.8 hectares of woodland was thinnied, improving the woodland structure to allow more species of plant to grow in the woodlands. This diversification will, in turn, enable many more species of birds and insects to live in the woodlands and will make the site visually more attractive to site users.

In conjunction with Sandwell Ranger Service, a field-layer was introduced to those areas where there is sufficient bare ground, through seed scattering and planting. Where the current mix of tree species was poor, trees were planted to diversify these areas. 

The first part of this project has been completed with further works planned for 2014/15.