Kings Norton - Fields Millennium Green

An insight into the project from the Nature Improvement Area to enhance the habitats at Fields Millennium Green in Kings Norton.

Fields Millennium Green is an area of approximately 3.3 hectares which was originally part of Lilycroft Farm and is now part of the Primrose Hill Estate in Kings Norton. The site was formally agricultural land and is comprised of three fields with intact original field boundaries of species rich hedgerows. 

The site supports a mosaic of habitats and the project, completed at the start of 2014, aimed to enhance several habitats within the site including the woodland, coppice, grassland and the wetland area.

The first habitat we enhanced was the small area of young Oak woodland. With the help of the National Trust GAP students, this was thinned by roughly 30% and structure was added by planting the area with native shrub and ground flora species. 

We also planted of hazel whips to connect the existing stands of hazel coppice.  Some young hazel whips and primrose were also planted in the areas of hazel coppice.  These have been successful and we hope to further introduce native ground flora to this area