Deer's Leap Woodlands, Cape Hill

An insight into the NIA project to improve and area of woodland at Cape Hill Birmingham.

Deer’s Leap Wood is a nature reserve in the Cape Hill area of Birmingham which was formally within the grounds of a brewery. The brewery site has recently been re-developed for housing and the nature reserve has come under the management of The Birmingham & Black Country Wildlife Trust. 

A significant section of the woodland on this site has come to the end of it's the end of its safe life and is of limited ecologcical value. The purpose of this project is to clear and replant the area with native broad-leaved woodland whilst introducing a locally sourced field-layer. 

Tree removal took pace at the start of 2014, with the replanting due to take place at the end of the year. In total 5 hectares of woodland have been improved.

In February 2016 work was carried out to desilt the Boundary Brook and create a more natural watercourse by adding pebbles and stones to the stream bed. Native plants were also planted to create a more attractive and wildlife-rich habitat. 

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