Brandhall School Woodlands

Part of the plantation prior to thinning

An insight into the partnership between The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country and Brandhall School, Oldbury to improve part of the Black Country Urban Forest.

The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country has worked with Brandhall School to improve an area of woodland that was originally planted as part of the Black Country Urban Forest. 

The original structure of the woodland was very straight lines and the species mix was mainly Oak, Field Maple, Alder and Silver Birch.  Two areas of the woodland, 1.1 hectares in total, were thinned by about 30%.  The main focus was to remove the Alder allowing space for Oak and Field Maple to thrive. A number of dead trees were left as ‘standing deadwood’ as there were signs of Woodpeckers using them.

Following on from the tree thinning works new species of tree have been planted by the school children, including Hazel, Rowan and Crab Apple. The children also planted an area with Primroses and scattered Red Campion, Foxglove and Bluebell seeds.

A path was also cut through an old Dogwood maze which had become over-grown, unmanageable and unusable. The children and staff are now able to use this space and will also be able to manage it appropriately.