Bilston Urban Village Woodlands

An insight into the Wildlife Trust's People & Wildlife Services Team (PAWS) woodland improvement project in Bilston.

Wolverhampton City Council commisioned The Wildlife Trust’s People & Wildlife Services team (PAWS) to deliver a woodland improvment project in a little-used area of public open space in Bilston, Wolverhampton.

The site comprised a very dense and scrubby woodland that was planted on industrial spoil in the late 1980s. The site adjoins a residential area but was difficult to access and consultation showed that it was not appreciated as a local asset. The vision was to see the woodlands utilised as the main area of open ‘natural’ greenspace where communities can interact with wildlife.

The aim of the project was to improve both the ecological and social/aesthetic value of the site through thinning, underplanting, plug planting and seeding, which began at the start of 2014.  

Following this, The Wildlife Trust (in conjunction with Wolverhampton City Council) ran a number of community engagement and involvement activitiesincluding a family-orientated activity day during the February half-term which was was a fantastic success.

In addition to the half-term event The Wildlife Trust also engaged with the local secondary school (South Wolverhampton & Bilston Academy) and agreed to run a partnership project at the site to get the School involved in the management & community aspects of the woodland work carried out during the winter.