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  • Chancellor Proposes Cuts in Wildlife Protection

    Wednesday 30th November, 2011

    The Wildlife Trusts today voice exasperation at George Osborne's Autumn budget statement which includes plans to review the rules which protect some of the most important wildlife sites in England.

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  • Marine Conservation Zones at Risk

    Wednesday 9th November, 2011

    The wildlife in England’s seas are facing a serious threat, warns the Wildlife Trust. The long-awaited network of marine protected areas, promised by Government for 2012, is in danger which has been instrumental marine campaigning and research. The Wildlife Trust is urging the public to write to Under-Secretary for Natural Environment and Fisheries, Richard Benyon MP, in support of Marine Conservation Zones.

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  • Landfill Credits Boost for Moseley Bog

    Friday 4th November, 2011

    Birmingham based developer St. Modwen has donated £10,000 to The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country’s Moseley Bog and Joy’s Wood regeneration project – an amount that has funded an outdoor classroom and performance area on the site that was once Tolkein’s playground.

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  • Nature Check

    Friday 14th October, 2011

    Nature Check Diagram

    Wildlife and Countryside Link have (today) launched the Nature Check report. Nature Check assesses the Government’s progress on the 16 commitments it has made to the natural environment using a traffic light rating system. It highlights some of the most controversial environmental issues of the year – including the proposed reform of the planning system, the planned badger cull and the public debate on the future of the public forest estate - and gives an honest assessment of progress.

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  • Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust Badger Vaccine Trial Success

    Wednesday 12th October, 2011

    Image (C) Natural England/Terry Weir

    Vaccinating badgers against bovine tuberculosis (bTB) is an affordable and viable alternative to culling according to a new report, published today, by Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust.

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  • Wildlife Trust Opposes Wolverhampton Green Belt Grab

    Wednesday 5th October, 2011

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    Today the Wildlife Trust submitted a formal objection to plans to build a new training centre for Wolverhampton Wanderers, which would also see the relocation of a school and the building of fifty 'executive homes' in the City's Green Belt. Adjacent to Smestow Valley Local Nature Reserve, the plans would set a dangerous precedent for development on Woverhampton's few remaining areas of open land.

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  • "Can We Cut Carbon by Burning More Petrol?" -" Yes, Minister"

    Friday 30th September, 2011

    Take the brakes off carbon emissions?

    The Wildlife Trust has criticised plans to raise the national speed limit to 80 mph. Encouraging lower fuel efficiency in the face of rising CO2 emissions is madness.

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  • PAWS helps out with Mini-Eden Project

    Wednesday 28th September, 2011

    Victoria School in Northfield was awarded £50,000 to create an inspirational mini Eden style project within the school grounds, with a large glass and aluminum dome called a Solar Dome. The dome provides a means of offering high quality outdoor experiences for students and their families, as well as other community groups, bringing them closer to nature.

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  • Wildlife Trust responds to Red Tape Challenge

    Wednesday 21st September, 2011

    Wildlife Sites are a precious resource for local communities

    The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham & the Black Country has responded to the Red Tape Challenge consultation with a robust defence of the role of wildlife legislation. In 21st century England with our daily commitments and concerns, it is easy to imagine the richness and quality of nature around us will just take care of itself, to go on being there and providing for our lives. This is a misconception. Without clear and robust focus on ways and means to secure its future, we will leave communities and the next generation with regrets instead of ongoing rewards. The natural environment is both an irreplaceable inheritance from the past, and a massive asset for the future, though typically overlooked in our leaders’ attention to priorities.

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  • Wildlife Trust Opposes English Badger Cull

    Tuesday 13th September, 2011

    The Wildlife Trust has written to Members of Parliament asking them to oppose a licensed badger cull in England. For over 15 years the Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country has been raising concerns about badger culling, and urging proper investment in alternatives such as vaccination, better biosecurity and accurate testing procedures. These are the most effective means to tackle bovine TB and the best options for badgers and for UK farmers.

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