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  • Badger culling to continue

    Thursday 3rd April, 2014

    Badger cub photo by Elliot Neep,

    The Wildlife Trusts express disappointment and frustration that badger culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire will resume this year.

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  • New evidence of vanishing grasslands

    Thursday 3rd April, 2014

    Burnet Moth at Eades Meadow by Su James

    The Wildlife Trusts call on the Government to save remaining wildlife-rich grasslands and help farmers halt ‘catastrophic’ decline.

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  • The problem is bovineTB, not badgers.

    Tuesday 25th March, 2014

    Badger photo by Jon Hawkins

    Despite strong public opposition, a string of Government failures and MP recognition that an alternative strategy to deal with bovineTB is needed, plans to continue - and extend - badger culling - are expected this week. The Wildlife Trusts today launch an appeal aimed at the Prime Minister to bolster support for alternatives.

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  • Future secured for Deer’s Leap Wood Nature Reserve

    Friday 21st March, 2014

    Deer's Leap Wood

    A piece of historic land on the boundary between the Edgbaston, Harborne and Soho Wards of Birmingham is set for a secure future as a nature reserve owned by The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country.

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  • Views invited on plans for Sedgley Beacon

    Wednesday 19th March, 2014

    An exciting new nature improvement project for Sedgley Beacon carried out by The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country in partnership with South Staff Staffs Water plc is looking to get people’s views this Thursday (March 20th).

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  • MPs vote en masse to drop the cull

    Friday 14th March, 2014

    badger photo by Jon Hawkins

    MPs yesterday overwhelmingly backed a motion calling on the Government to drop culling and instead vaccinate badgers.

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  • Blackwood kids’ project promises a feast of learning

    Friday 14th March, 2014

    A Wildlife Trust Growing Project

    A primary school in Walsall is teaming up with The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country to build a growing site and earth oven in their grounds.

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  • Leading conservation groups join forces to challenge fracking rules

    Thursday 13th March, 2014

    Otters drinking - credit Helen Taylor

    Poorly regulated fracking risks harming threatened species and polluting our waterways, according to a report produced by the UK’s leading wildlife and countryside groups.

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  • HS2 has ignored, dismissed or downplayed evidence on the environment

    Thursday 27th February, 2014

    The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country is calling for HS2 Ltd to do more to identify less damaging options for the construction and operation of HS2 in Birmingham.

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  • Wildlife Trust to open up forgotten meadow area at Moseley Bog

    Monday 24th February, 2014

    Ancient Tree by Hannah Knight

    A treasured local Nature Reserve is to be expanded to include a forgotten meadow area and new entrance that leads towards other nearby attractions.

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