Conservation efforts marked with new sign at Moseley Bog & Joy’s Wood

Friday 14th November 2014

The new post: photo by Alison WilkesThe new sign post

Community groups in Moseley have come together to fund the installation of a new signpost for Moseley Bog and Joy’s Wood Nature Reserve, commemorating the vital contribution of Joy Fifer to keeping it as a natural space for all to enjoy.

The sign post, which will be unveiled at 2pm on Sunday, has been made by local woodworker Mike Sheehan, who runs around Moseley Bog every day and had noticed that the old signs needed replacing. Mike offered to give his time for free and has spent the last year working on the project to create this impressive structure using green oak for the base and seasoned oak for the top part to make a composition that should last for many years.

He says: “I’m very pleased to see it completed and in the ground. I hope it lasts for 100 years and gives a lot of pleasure to the thousands of people who go there regularly. Moseley Bog is a real gem for Birmingham only 3 miles from the city centre and it’s been great for me to learn more about Joy Fifer and the role she played in ensuring this site had a future.”

The costs of the materials were funded by the Moseley Society, St Agnes Residents’ Association and the Friends of Moseley Bog and Joy’s Wood, who were all keen to see a fitting tribute to the woman whose efforts have enabled so many people to continue enjoying this unique site.

Joy’s widower, Alan Fifer, said: “While Joy would have been touched and moved by this, she would have wanted the praise for the success of preserving Moseley Bog to be shared around all the local people, including the politicians of all parties at the time, who gave their time and support. Her great talent was in mobilising people, but she couldn’t have saved the Bog on her own.”

The reserve, which is managed by The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country, has been gaining increasing recognition as one of the best local places to go to see a variety of wildlife and The Trust has worked hard with the local community to ensure that Moseley Bog retains all the elements that make it special. This new sign post at one of the main entrances provides an excellent addition to the site with key information.


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