More magical meadows will bring joy to urban nature lovers

Thursday 3rd July 2014

Moving hay to create meadowsCreating magical meadows, photo by Su James

This summer, The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country will create a whole host of new idyllic wildflower meadows, rich with orchids and other rare species, across the conurbation.

After last year’s meadow creation projects, which happened on a range of sites including an old airfield, this year’s new meadows will be created on landmark sites of historical importance, such as Sedgley Beacon, Victorian parks in Wolverhampton and Birmingham, a hospital and a burial ground.

Hay for the first sites is being brought in the next few weeks from nearby “donor site” Eades Meadow, which is managed by Worcestershire Wildlife Trust and is an established and ancient meadow with a rich mix of wildflowers. The hay will be cut and brought to be strewn by volunteers on the new meadow sites in one day to ensure the seeds reach their destination while they are still fresh.

The meadow creation is again being done through the Birmingham and Black Country Nature Improvement Area being led by The Wildlife Trust, which will deliver even more exciting projects in its third year than the first two. So far improvements have been made to over 150 hectares of wildlife habitat – that would cover 210 football pitches!

Simon Atkinson, Nature Improvement Area programme manager for The Wildlife Trust, said: “Building on last year’s work is vital to ensure we have an even bigger network of sites with these remarkable wildflowers that are a feast both to the eye and to all kinds of animals who will thrive on them.

“The Nature Improvement Area is focussed on creating as many special sites that are rich in wildlife as possible, so that everyone in Birmingham and the Black Country will have one near where they live. We want people to be proud of the places where they live and enjoy them as spaces to see wonderful plants and animals whilst still in an urban environment.”

If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved with the Nature Improvement Area or help with our meadow creation projects, contact Su James:


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