Sharing nature’s greatest concert

Wednesday 30th April 2014

BlackbirdBlackbird by Jon Hawkins Surrey Hills Photography

The sound that epitomises spring across much of the globe is the dawn chorus and this year’s global celebration is highlighting sharing our experiences as part of International Dawn Chorus Day.

As always, the most important aspect of the day is getting as many people as possible to get out to one of over 100 organised events and experience it for themselves in the flesh, sharing this wonder with other people when the birds begin their song for the day. As well as this, live audio feeds are being set up in the UK and also in Africa for people to compare their experiences with others’.

Broadcaster and environmentalist Chris Baines started it all off in the 1980s, long before such technology was invented to make this possible. After last year’s breakthrough twitter fest for bird lovers, where hundreds of tweets were sent about the beauty and joy of people’s experiences, this year, the organisers of International Dawn Chorus Day, The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham & the Black Country, are hoping that even more of those taking part will also share their experiences with the global community of nature lovers.

Joe Peacock, Communications Officer at The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country, says: "The dawn chorus is a really special thing and the birds taking part will vary from place to place immensely. We want as many people as possible to be able to listen to it in person and wonder at this natural miracle, but also then see what other people have been hearing in other parts of the country, or even the world online.”

“With global migration a big part of the life of many of the birds we hear, it will be great to share this event in real time with people all over the world.”

In order to take part in person, you can go to to find an event happening near you or get advice on how to organise your own event. There are also links on the website to the audio streams being organised through REVEIL’s soundcamp and Africam’s live feeds.


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