Trees are for life; not just tree week

Wednesday 27th November 2013

Photo by Hannah KnightTrees are for life

Tree week may be making headlines, with thousands of people planting trees, but The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country’s message this week is about the beauty of well-managed woodlands.

While tree planting is a great way of engaging people with creating more wildlife habitat, long-term gains come through ensuring that the trees planted are part of biodiverse areas including ground flora and other beneficial food sources for wildlife.Trees at EcoPark, Hannah Knight

This winter The Wildlife Trust will be leading a number of projects through the Birmingham & Black Country Nature Improvement Area to improve local woodlands. This will turn dark unwelcoming places where only spindly trees grow into magical bright areas with carpets of woodland flowers buzzing with wildlife.

Great work has been done in planting trees in Birmingham and the Black Country, but the work of looking after these plantations is even more important, so that is what we are now focusing on.

Woodlands should be places for people to enjoy, so we want to engage as many volunteers as possible with looking after their local woodlands, too. If you want to be a friend to the trees near where you live all year round, please get in touch with us and find out what projects will be happening near where you live.

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