Restoring Native Species Woodland with Carillion

Monday 24th June 2013

Carillion staff have been involved in the practical implementation of a Restoration Plan for Langley Hill Wood - an individual woodland within the Wildlife Trust’s Park Hall Nature Reserve.

On 15th November 2012 the first group of twelve Carillion staff exercised their muscles clearing the ground in the area which had been cleared of Sycamore trees the previous winter. Using hand tools such as spades, loppers, bowsaws and slashers extensive Bramble, Raspberry and Sycamore regrowth was cleared, and the resultant cuttings - brash - was stacked.

This initial clearance was crucial because future work parties could now gain access and begin planting.

Following on from this initial work party, on 19th December, ten Carillion staff helped plant 500 native species trees - Pedunculate Oak, Wild Cherry, Field Maple and Hazel - across the cleared area to restore the woodland, and Hawthorn along the woodland edge to reinstate a hedgerow next to the floodplain grassland. Further scrub clearance and brash and log stacking also took place throughout the area.

A further work party of ten Carillion staff completed the replanting of the woodland and ancient hedgerow on 13th March this year, so that by a combination of staff groups a very worthwhile conservation task was finished. The restoration of native-species woodland at this valuable nature reserve will be a fantastic legacy for the future.


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