Important Wetland Works Completed

Monday 22nd October 2012

The new reed bedImportant Wetland Works Completed

Work on wetland in a treasured green space that will bring great benefit to the local community in Kings Norton has been completed this week as part of the Birmingham & Black Country Nature Improvement Area.

Managing the low-lying area alongside the River Rea on Popes Lane Open Space and developing a new reed bed will help to improve water quality and wildlife habitat while maintaining the area’s increasingly important floodwater retention capacity.

The Nature Improvement Area partnership are working to create ‘joined up’ networks of wildlife habitats across Birmingham & the Black Country which will help wildlife live and move across the area, whilst creating beautiful open spaces for people to enjoy. Rivers play a vital role in joining up these areas, and so, in partnership with the Environment Agency and the Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country, the Friends of Kings Norton Nature Reserve designed a project to develop a new reed bed here.

Amanda Cadman of Friends of Kings Norton Nature Reserve says:
“It is thrilling to have watched the excavation of our new reed bed area beside the river Rea. This will greatly enhance the habitat for wildlife both along the river and ultimately on the adjoining meadowland too, and we look forward to managing the longer-term development of the reed bed.

“Huge thanks are due to the Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country for helping us to secure funding for this project from the Water Framework Directive, and to the Nature Improvement Area for additional funding. We are grateful to Birmingham City Council, owner of the land, for enthusiastic support for the project.

As lead partner in the Nature Improvement Area, The Wildlife Trust is looking for more partners to suggest projects in green spaces over the whole of the conurbation. If you would like to find out more and make an application, please visit the website

Additional information

The Friends of Kings Norton Nature Reserve are registered as a charity (number 1122293). They act as an informal pressure group to lobby for environmental improvements in and about the reserve, and provide a focal point for local consultations on future developments by the City. 

  The Nature Improvement Areas (NIAs) Programme with funding of £7.5 million has been established, as announced by Defra in the Natural Environment White Paper (2011).

NIAs are large, discrete areas that will deliver a step change in nature conservation, where a local partnership has a shared vision for their natural environment.

With the support of Natural England, Environment Agency and the Forestry Commission, the partnership will plan and deliver significant improvements for wildlife and people through the sustainable use of natural resources, restoring and creating wildlife habitats, connecting local sites and joining up local action.

The European Water Framework Directive came into force in December 2000 and became part of UK law in December 2003. It is run by the Environment Agency and provides an opportunity to plan and deliver a better water environment, focussing on ecology.

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