Moseley Bog Podcasts

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Benjamin Zephaniah

As part of our range of learning resources we have produced a pod-cast tour, which excitingly, the acclaimed Birmingham born poet and author Benjamin Zephaniah has recorded for us. The podcasts are available to download and playback on any compatible device. They provide an interesting insight into the history, preservation & development of Moseley Bog & Joys Wood. We hope you enjoy them.

Neil Wyatt, Chief Executive of The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and Black Country at the time of the improvement project, provides Benjamin Zephaniah with a brief history of the Moseley Bog & Joy’s Wood Nature Reserve, and the beginnings of the urban wildlife movement.
Benjamin talk to Mike Hodder, City of Birmingham Archaeologist, about the fascinating history and archaeology of the Moseley Bog & Joy’s Wood Nature Reserve. From the Bronze Age to the Victorians, he learns about the people and how they used the land.
Benjamin Zephaniah and author Robert Blackham talk about the Moseley Bog & Joy’s Wood Nature Reserve and the link with "The Lord of the Rings", J.R.R. Tolkien and other local cultural events.
Moseley Bog
Senior Ecologist Paul Stephenson describes some of the wonderful species within the old part of Moseley Bog & Joy’s Wood Nature Reserve to Benjamin, including the Wood Horsetail and Sphagnum Moss.
Joy's Wood
Benjamin talks to Francesca Jarvis-Rouse, the Moseley Bog Reserve Officer that oversaw the improvement project, about Joy’s Wood and all the activities that take place at the Reserve.
Environmental Protection
Alan Fifer, husband of Joy Fifer who spearheaded the “Save Our Bog” campaign, talks about environmental protection, the campaign and community support.
Benjamin reflects...
Benjamin Zephaniah reflects on his visit to the Moseley Bog & Joy’s Wood Nature Reserve.


Light from the Shadows

Light from the Shadows, a brand new way of exploring Moseley Bog, was launched during a family fun day on June 16th 2013. A collaboration between Birmingham Rep, The Wildlife Trust and local residents and volunteers, this new audio experience was created by Charlotte Goodwin and Kate Chapman. 

The first three tracks are designed to be listened to at Sarehole Mill. The rest can be listened to anywhere in Moseley Bog and Joy's Wood reserve.

Sarehole Mill

Track 1 Track 2 Track 3

Moseley Bog and Joy's Wood

Track 4 Track 5 Track 6
Track 7 Track 8  


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