Every Child Wild

November sees the launch of our Every Child Wild Campaign - our aim is to connect all of the children of Birmingham and the Black Country with nature.


Children are happier, healthier and more creative when they are connected to the natural world. This should be an option not just for a few, but for all children in our region. Every child deserves to have wild experiences and we would like to see EVERY CHILD in Birmingham and the Black Country go WILD!

In addition to their own well-being, helping today's children to develop a love of the natural world is also vitally important for conservation. Through engagement we can ensure the future protection of our local wildlife.

During the school holidays, funding from People's Postcode Lottery enabled us to hold 15 'My Wild Summer' events at EcoPark. These proved to be very popular, being attended by over 250 families.

We have also hosted over 7,000 school pupil visits at EcoPark in the last year, and hope to increase that number in 2016.

There are still many more children in our area to reach and The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country can only carry out this work with the help of our supporters: partners like the People’s Postcode Lottery help to fund some our education programmes, but mostly our work with schools, our junior nature clubs and family events are supported by our members.

A recent poll by YouGov, commissioned by The Wildlife Trusts, revealed that...

• 91% of parents think that having access to nature and wildlife is important for children in general
• 78% were concerned that children don't spend enough time interacting with nature and wildlife
• Over a quarter (27%) of children aged 8-15 had never played outside by themselves, beyond their house or garden – and 37% hadn’t done this in the past 6 months.
• 37% of children had never seen a hedgehog in the UK
• Only 24% of children said their school had an indoor nature display area like a nature table

Read the full report by downloading our Every Child Wild 'Making Nature Part of Growing Up' report below.

We will be holding a number of events and promotions for Every Child Wild, which will be announced soon. However, we need your help. We need to increase awareness this campaign - not only the disconnect between children and nature, but the solutions too. 

What you can do

1. Inspire a child yourself 

You don't need to be a nature expert to take your children to a local wild place and let them discover it...

• Visit one of our local nature reserves
• Read our guide to 'The Art of Getting Children Outdoors'

 2. Tell us what you think

Complete our short question surveys for parents and teachers

3. Spread the message
• Tweet using #everychildwild
• Join our twitterstorm on Tuesday 17 November at 7-8pm
• Share our social graphics


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