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Wild Summer 2 - Bird bingo!

Posted: Friday 31st July 2015 by Joe.P

a blackbird at EcoParkbird bingo!

Wild Summer volunteer Phillip Hickson reports on the second week of our wild summer at EcoPark playing bird bingo and making apple bird feeders with local families, thanks to the support of players of People's Postcode Lottery.

The wild summer continued this week with Bird Bingo and Apple Bird Feeders. A total of 26 families arrived at the EcoPark on Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th excited and smiling, ready to look for birds.

Their challenge was to see as many birds as possible, but rather than spotting species, they need to see them doing a variety of activities, from gliding and flapping to drinking and sunbathing! This was made difficult by the rain on Wednesday, and also the leaves on the trees give the birds plenty of things to hide behind. Everyone eagerly accepted the challenge and many families spent nearly an hour walking, very quietly, around the EcoPark, looking and listening for feathered friends. They returned with a smile on their faces and stories to tell of the birds that they saw.

Once finished with bird bingo, our education officer, Guy Belding, showed them how to make a bird feeder from an apple, sunflower seeds and a piece of string. Pushing the seeds into the apple was a challenge, as they had to be firmly pushed down to stop them falling out later. Some apples ended up coated with sunflower seeds, whilst others had seeds arranged in beautiful patterns. Some even ended up being turned into Ladybirds or Hedgehogs, and were going to be placed on the ground for the ground feeding birds.

To finish off the day, the families made ‘Tree Cookie Name Badges’ from small circular sections cut out of trees. These were decorated using all sorts of designs, from birds and insects, to trees and stars, everyone was able to express themselves and take a small piece of nature home with them.

Finding nature wherever you are, and bringing a part of it back to your own home, whether in the form of birds flocking to food that you have provided, or recreating the beauty of the natural world on a natural canvass, allows us all to appreciate the importance of preserving this beautiful planet and all that lives on it.

My Wild Summer continues on Wednesday with Minibeast Safari!

Phillip Hickson

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