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Moseley Bog Friends' Blog 23/6/15 & 7/7/15

Posted: Friday 10th July 2015 by Joe.P

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These blog posts are sent in by Mary Girvan of the Friends of Moseley Bog & Joy's Wood to give a personal perspective of a day in the life of a volunteer. She also does the twitter feed for @mosbogfriends.

The Pensby Close path is complete - again! We hope we have broken the curse of Sisyphus this time. The gods fought back, throwing all sorts of weather fronts our way in an attempt to prolong our labour, but we triumphed. If you're wondering what on earth this is about, we haven't lost the plot, please read our previous blog.

It took us another two full volunteer work days to complete the path. The first day the gods threw sun and heat at us, so we were glad to flop to the ground for an early lunch. We thought we could extend our break by lying back and studying the clouds, but our lack of knowledge limited us to only minutes of extra respite. The afternoon needed brain as well as braun, as we had to figure out how to get round the corner. Never again will I wonder why you always see a group of people standing around chatting at roadworks - planning the next move is essential to minimising the physical exertion.

Then, a wonderful surprise, a lady from one of the bungalows brought us out strawberries from her garden in reward for our hard work. We were so touched by that, and they were absolutely delicious. The excitement continued as we savoured them and spotted our first painted lady of the season - a butterfly in case you're wondering - followed by a speckled wood. Fully spent, we meandered back over the boardwalk, but all stopped in unison when we heard a strange noise that none of us recognised - a sort of constant "prrruurrpp". We scoured the bushes and someone spotted a newly fledged baby robin on a low branch. Before too long a parent arrived beak full, and the prrruurrpp was replaced by a loud cheep then a brief silence for the swallow. We watched the parent return a few times as little Rob prrruurrpped "feed me feed me" and so finished the day with broad smiles.

On the second day the gods upped their game as we were hit by stair rods of rain interspersed with bright hot sun. Two buzzards circled above - waiting to see if we dropped with exertion? We giggled liked kids as we ran for the trees or reminisced about festival days as we stood and soaked up the downpour. It was exhilarating.

This time we walked back via the meadows, to check whether it was time to collect seed for spreading, by shaking the yellow rattle to hear if it rattled. Not ready yet. To our delight though many butterfies were on the wing. We spotted Speckled Wood, Ringlet, Meadow Brown, small Tortoiseshell, possibly a small Copper and large (?) Skipper. Apparently both large and small can have a 3cm wingspan so who knows!

Our final spot of a great day was a huge helicopter-like brown dragonfly, so huge you could see him from the other side of the large meadow. A messenger from the gods?
Mary Girvan 

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