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Moseley Bog Friends' Blog 03/06/15

Posted: Thursday 4th June 2015 by Joe.P

damselfly - Alison Wilkesdamselfly - Alison Wilkes

These blog posts are sent in by Mary Girvan of the Friends of Moseley Bog & Joy's Wood to give a personal perspective of a day in the life of a volunteer. She also does the twitter feed for @mosbogfriends.

Today was the Big Tidy Up of the new meadow at Pensby Close before the Big Lunch on Sunday 7th. We had a great turnout with 2 new volunteers and a recently returned one, we had great weather, and we had a skip!

I'll never understand why some people think it's OK to tip their rubbish wherever they please, but in a nature reserve, and just over your garden fence?! So into the skip went the springs of an old mattress, two car tyres (one burnt), the lid of a garden incinerator, loads of plastic bags from garden waste, several bricks, lots of old iron, some sleeping bags and airbeds. I could go on, but once cleared we were able to flatten the soil and plant out some wood anemones from the Ecopark, which will look lovely once they've spread. Must get some more!

Our team of Eco-tidiers, supervised by two robins then waded thigh deep into swathes of nettles and cleavers next to the fence by the flats, armed with loppers, to reveal a hazel and field maple hedge which we'd planted a couple of months ago - all looking healthy. Meanwhile the rake team set about the edge of the meadow where we'd previously felled trees and cleared bramble so that the meadow can extend and the woodland edge is defined. They were raking up bramble and tree droppings which are too nutrient rich for the meadow. All that remained was a solitary fern, a sign for other plants to join him.

Lunchtime! We were serenaded by a crowd of Jays squabbling over a nest. What a racket. Jenny mentioned she'd seen a bees nest, so a few of us went to have a look. Just to the left of the boardwalk as you leave the meadow and meet the pond there's a rotten tree with lots of bumble bees flying around. The pond Å‚ooked glorious, solid bright green like you could walk on it. Jo told us she kept bees, and was looking for recipes of things to make with honey.

The discussion that followed allowed us a bit more down time in the sun, but more soil piles, nettles, cleavers and brambles awaited. So the Eco-tidiers picked up their weapons and recommenced battle. At least twenty small trees, oaks, field maples, rowan and hazel were rescued from the jungle that afternoon. We felt a bit like CSI officers trying to find them. As we were going  along red and blue damsel flies were spotted, as well as white butterflies, but we couldn't agree what type they were. A very rewarding day. 

For those of you doing the 30 day challenge , remember Go Tidy Go Wild !

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