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My Wild Runs - Moseley Bog & The River Cole

Posted: Thursday 26th February 2015 by Joe.P

Volunteers at Moseley BogNew pathways have made jogging at Moseley Bog much easier

The first in a new series of blog posts by Neil Hatton linking his running training with taking a look at urban wildlife sites.

The first thing that struck me upon entering Moseley Bog was the bird song, the second thing was the mud (well it is a bog). The last time I jogged around here two weeks ago the ground was frozen solid and the birds were trying to stay warm. From the squabbling of a flock of sparrows in the bushes, the buds starting to appear and the squirrels chasing one another amongst the branches spring has definitely begun. Although as I jogged across the playing fields it was notable that, apart from the dogs being walked, the wildlife was still staying firmly amongst the undergrowth. It is still chilly enough that jogging amongst the trees is definitely warmer than in the open.

Signs of the volunteers' hard work throughout the winter months were apparent from the fantastic walk ways and platforms which make traversing the muddier sections a breeze. The volunteers meet most weeks, if you would like to join in then you can see the "what's on" section for more details. The work they have conducted over the past few months has allowed people of all ages access to a startlingly beautiful environment nestled amongst an urban habitat.

Within Moseley Bog I heard more bird song than I could comfortably identify but there were the usual characters. Firstly was the angry chatter of marauding Magpies, this was quickly followed by the warning call of a Blackbird although what it had sighted could not been seen it reassured me that there were plenty of other wildlife in the undergrowth. The last time I was here the only wildlife I saw were the seagulls circling above the trees, the Wood pigeon and the sound of wood peckers drilling; this time the gulls and Wood Pigeons were still there but not the wood peckers. If you want to learn to identify more birdsong, why not try getting up for the International Dawn Chorus Day walk on 3rd May?

After the journey through Moseley Bog I decided to go along the River Cole to see what wildlife was there. The first bird I saw was the fearless Robin sitting proudly beside the footpath and this was closely followed by a Jenny Wren timidly peering at me from a bush before darting behind some leaves. When I reached Stratford Road I decided to head back following the same path and quickly spotted a few ducks the usual Mallards playing amongst the reeds. The river was surprisingly muddy so I could not see any fish as I crossed the ford onto Sarehole Road which took me past Sarehole Mill and the end of my jog for this week.

You can check out my route here and if you have any feedback on the blog, please leave your comments below.

Neil Hatton

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