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#30DaysWild, Day 2- Guy, Education Officer

Posted: Friday 2nd June 2017 by evaphillips

It's half-term so thanks to players of People's Postcode Lottery I was able to put on some great events to help local families go WILD!

Today local families came and made rafts to see if they can float on our pond - there is a secret to stop it sinking, but I don't tell them they have to pack their reeds tight till they've tried a few times!

All the materials are from EcoPark, our Education Centre in Small Heath, including the reeds from our reed bed. I love when children go and find their own decorations and come back with feathers, flowers and moss to adorn their rafts.

It wasn't on the agenda but we did finish with a bit of pond dipping, some of our tadpoles are just starting to show evidence of tiny legs and a first timer even found a leech!

It's great for kids to come and explore EcoPark, it's a safe space to immerse in nature and a privilege to help them discover everyday wonders. 

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