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30DaysWild Day 8 - Alison, Senior Conservation Officer

Posted: Thursday 8th June 2017 by emma.s

Volunteer days are a great chance to spot wildlife!

Thursdays are my day for leading the volunteers at Peascroft Wood, in Bilston, funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund, so I've been lucky enough to have lots of Wild moments today - my favourite being the Speckled Wood butterfly, co-operatively posing for a photo amongst the grass in the meadow that we have been working hard to (re-)create.Slightly cooler days are great for looking at butterflies, if you can find them, as they haven't quite warmed up enough to be whizzing around, so they sit still for a while and you can have a good look at their amazing colours and patterns.

The wonderful volunteers have been busy working around the wood tidying up some fallen branches, planting primroses and pulling up some of the docks and thistles in the meadow and we spotted lots of other wildlife while we were working- including a small skipper butterfly, a yellow-barred longhorn moth, a nursery web spider carrying an egg sac along with lots of different trees, grasses and wildflowers, while listening to the beautiful birdsong in the woods.

Alison Wilkes

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