Kings Norton Reedbed Creation

The completed project at Kings Norton Nature ReserveKings Norton Reedbed

A profile of the works completed at Kings Norton Nature Reserve through the Birmingham and Black Country Nature Improvement Area.

In October 2012, works were completed on a precious wetland in the Kings Norton area which will help to improve the habitat for local wildlife, and be of benefit to the local community by improving water quality and maintaining the area’s floodwater retention capacity.

Funding for this work was largely provided by the Environment Agency under the European Water Framework Directive, but the project also received a grant from the Nature Improvement Area and extra support from the Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country. The Friends of Kings Norton Nature Reserve were able to create a new reedbed and pond within the area that is hoped to become part of the reserve to help attract breeding birds such as reed and sedge warblers, amphibians and reedbed specialist invertebrates.

With aims of increasing biodiversity, an existing drainage ditch was unblocked and the pond was installed alongside the River Rea on Popes Lane Open Space, where new hedges have now been planted to enhance the existing meadowland.

The works took around six weeks to complete, and mark the first completed project for the NIA. Not only has it created open spaces for the people of Kings Norton to enjoy, the creation of the Reedbed will hopefully increase the amount of wildlife living in the Reserve and increase opportunities for wildlife to move around the space.